This company founded at 1993. Original founders sold their shares to private company who operate companies on different sectors.

Company Main Focus:

After 2010 DorukNet focussed ISP and voice business for end users. They are also managing shared hosting business.

At today(2023, Jan) Their location not populer as before. Still operating same place with same capacities. Right now company main focus looks like just keeping their old shared hosting business.


Their places located one of touristic center. Location has bosphorus view but hard to growth energy and connection capability at that place. Building developed for office space not special for datacenter. Building ages more than 20 years.

Don’t have any info on sector about building and construction quality.

[Not Confirmed]

Energy Level:

Company Tells:
1.2 Megawatts transformer. [Not Confirmed]
2x 330 KVA Generators with N+N Configs [Not Confirmed]
600 KVA redundant UPS Systems [Not Confirmed]

There is no any info about engineering or/and quality certification.

Air Conditioning Level:

Company Tells:
390 Kwatt cooling units they have. [Not Confirmed]
Cold/Hot aisle [Not Confirmed]

PUE And Green/Carbon Level:

There is no any info about these details.

Rack and White Space Standarts:

There is no any info about these details.


There is no any info about these details.



Fire And Safety:

Company Tells:
FM200 Systems installed. [Not Confirmed]


Company Tells:
They have all operators connectivity. [Not Confirmed]

General Notes from DCT Team-

Generally they don’t have any marketing on local datacenter sector and they don’t have any active operations on our market. Their place is old and small then new locations on our country.

Also we asked to ChatGPT AI Robot details:

DorukNet, Türkiye’de kurulmuş olan bir teknoloji şirketidir. Bu şirket, öncelikle makine öğrenimi, veri analitiği ve nesnelerin interneti (IoT) gibi konulara odaklanmıştır. DorukNet, çeşitli sektörlerde kullanılmak üzere özel çözümler sunar ve müşterilerine veri analitiği, makine öğrenimi ve IoT konularında danışmanlık hizmetleri sunar.

DorukNet’in ofisleri Türkiye’de bulunmaktadır ve geniş bir müşteri yelpazesine sahiptir. Aynı zamanda, AI, IoT ve veri analitiği konusunda uzman bir ekipye sahiptir.

Overall, DorukNet is a reputable company in Turkey providing solutions and consulting services in AI, IoT, and data analytics.


If you need more details about DorukNet feel free to ask us.